About Us

Midgaard was formed out of the certainty that spray foam insulation is fast becoming the insulation of choice for professional residential builders, commercial project applications and smaller residential projects. Our superior performance and consistent overall coverage combined with technological breakthroughs in the past ten years have made spray foam an efficient and cost effective insulation solution.

The Midgaard team combines years of spray foam application experience with an established history of delivering residential and commercial building services. We excel at meeting the highest standards for customer satisfaction in spray foaming practices. We are confident that your experience with us will meet and exceed your expectations for your insulation needs.


Midgaard Spray Foam Systems recognizes the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. Management is committed to working in cooperation and consultation with employees and subcontractors to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in personal injury/illness, accidents or property damage, in accordance and in compliance with legislative requirements. Through good management and trade involvement we are committed to continually identifying hazards within the workplace, assess these concerns and implement techniques to control them to achieve a safe working environment. As a member of COR (Certificate of Recognition), and an ISN Affiliate, Midgaard Spray Foam Systems puts safety at the forefront of all jobs.


Midgaard Spray Foam Systems has adopted a policy to properly safeguard the environment. By identifying and mitigating key environmental risks, we can maximize the most efficient use of resources and assets. Recycling, Re-use and Reduction is achieved through constant education and training within the industry. By adopting the latest technology, our carbon footprint is constantly diminishing. Midgaard Spray Foam Systems has affiliated itself with manufacturers that are committed to reducing greenhouse emissions. Greenguard Certified with 100% water-blown agents ensures no synthetic blowing agents are used in our LD-C-50 foam products. As a recognized member of the Canadian Green Building Council and BuiltGreen, Midgaard Spray Foam Systems is constantly concerned with the sustainability of our environment.

Our Partnerships