Tired of hearing your neighbors walk around on their hardwood surfaces? On the floor below you! With Calgary’s influx of multi-unit condominium construction, many purchasers are fed up with this characteristic of living in Calgary’s newest home owning trend. One such client turned the tables on this nuisance, and did the right thing. They contacted Midgaard Spray Foam Systems Ltd.

Under the direction of our client, Midgaard dispatched seven rolling fabrication units and applied over 25,000 square feet of sound control foam insulation to the underside of the 3 floors of condo units. IN ONE DAY! The client was overwhelmed, and when the last truck rolled out the project was left with a STC (sound transmission class) worthy of muffling those annoying indoor sound transfers that are apparent in traditional building techniques. Once again Midgaard showed why we are, "Alberta’s Trusted Spray Foam Specialist"